What do you need to know to get the program running in your school?

It's easy. If you can check off each of these boxes, your classroom is ready to compete. If you are unsure about any of these questions, ask someone from your school's IT department to help you.

Have the time to compete in the program?
Have the ability to run the program, which takes about 8 hours to complete, at your own pace anytime between the game start and end dates.

Have the computers?
Windows OS
DirectX compatible graphics card

Think you have computers that will run the program? Test them now!
Test your computer's hardware to determine if you have the basics needed to run the program. You may still encounter difficulty, but this should detect any obvious problems for you

Have the online connection?
Stable internet connection (broadband recommended)
Socket-level access to ports 80, and port 2714, through your school's firewall/network

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If you get a red X on any of these, contact support:

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